Thursday, 24 February 2011

Politics/Music #6: Jekil and Hide

Party politics and rock ‘n’ roll. East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Of course, I’m not intending to singlehandedly disregard and henceforth abolish the rich heritage of political rock and roll, but where parties are involved the motives, ways and means can turn sour. Imagine my surprise then to read that the Scottish National Party’s new year gift for the nationalist masses north of the border was a song specially commissioned by the party to boost the adrenalin levels at its conference back in October; now available on iTunes and other digital outlets. The song in question? A re-working of ‘Let’s Work Together’, originally committed to tape by beardy boogie-bluesmen Canned Heat and later popularised via the pastel suit and penny loafers of Bryan Ferry. The band in question? Unheralded Scottish pop-rock irrelevancies Jakil – “one of the best young bands in Scotland” according to the SNP, along with... you know... and er... Oh.

This article was written for Notion magazine. Go here to read the rest (page 25 of the digital reader).

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