Sunday, 10 October 2010

Interview: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Some words I did for after a chat with SSLYBY...

They are firestarters, twisted firestarters

Being as easily amused as small child at Christmas, I’ve always tended to love bands with faintly amusing names – ‘The Yummy Furs’ (snigger), ‘Japandroids’ (guffaw), ‘Roy Division’ (somebody stop me). Presumably the exact same strand of my uncomplicated DNA encourages a partiality to hummable, easily digested power-pop.

Imagine then how palpably excited I was upon learning that Springfield, Missouri tykes Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin had returned with a brand new record, the ripsnortingly catchy Let It Sway. Excited enough to hunt them down and ask them about it (and a bunch of other things), that’s how.

Important matters first: what’s in the name? I’m sure you get this one a lot.

We were teenagers. We thought it would be good idea to have a really long band name. Boris Yeltsin was in the news a lot because everyone was making fun of his alcoholism and political ineptitude. We used his name without thinking anything about it. He was a terrible president, so I'm sure we've offended a lot of people.

You guys are originally from Springfield, Missouri – is there much of a burgeoning indie scene there? Do you think you found it tougher not being East or West coast boys and tied to a big city?

In the 1950s there was a nationally televised music show in Springfield called The Ozark Jubilee. Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash appeared on it regularly. Also, Jonathan Richman recorded an album here with a Springfield band called the Skeletons in the '80s. It's called 'Jonathan Goes Country' and I recommend it highly.

Anyway, I think the internet makes it somewhat irrelevant where you're from. My life has been too busy lately to think about the scenes in Brooklyn and LA. I'm sure they have cooler jeans, but mine were really cheap...

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